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From delivery guy to a business magnet. Man Instantly Becomes a Millionaire After a Shocking Discovery

“What if someone is promising you to double your money? Where do you think that extra money would come from? What if you could cut the middleman and bag everything including his commission wouldn’t you want to try?


I used to play online poker from my delivery salary and really lost a lot of money. I was desperate to make it as I wanted to send some money back home to help my family. Did I tell you the same money was supposed to go to my university fees? This other day end of 2009 heard of peer to peer money which we call Bitcoin but the name wasn’t big enough.

Early 2010 I gambled with my small money I bought a few Bitcoins for myself and at the end of 2010 I sold almost 16000 of my coins and leaving only 500 coins of them. I did even forgot about them and just continued delivering for the company I was working for.

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I graduated from University of South Africa in 2014 with B.Com Hons and found another job somewhere where the pay was a little better.

Fast forward in 2016 I saw the price of Bitcoin reaching 16k mark then I remembered my 500 coins that was left. But the problem I forgot my Bitcoin wallet password. I tried eventually found it and saw that my investment has grown into US$8.5 Mil. I sold my 400 coins at US$16550 and got around US$6.6 Million and into South African Rand that time it was 1 dollar to 13 South African Rand just imagine the killing. 

This has given me a chance to be a force to reckon with in the Forex and Crypto currency trading platforms.

Trading Forex and Crypto currencies have many similarities. They both are volatile markets which are decentralized with limited regulation. Volatility is a plus for traders because the more an instrument moves the more opportunity there is for profit. Especially with the algorithms you are trading against.

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As far as more profitable these markets must be approached with a conservative trading strategy. There is opportunity to win but volatility is a double edged sword. You have to limit your risk of loss and always think in terms of the preserving your capital. When you switch on the greed button in your mind you are setting yourself up for a big loss. You need to approach this properly. The way you think about trading is more important than your “strategy”, your analysis, etc.

The Cryptocurrency market is in its infancy. This market is going to expand and be huge moving forward. There are already companies setting up futures derivatives for Bitcoin on futures exchanges. There will be many coins following Bitcoin onto these futures exchanges. Why? Because there is profit to be made due to the volatility and daily change in price. Once the big boys get a hold of these markets the markets will grow exponentially in size.

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Do yourself a favour and learn how to trade both Forex and Cryptos. They both have the same up and down whipsaw movement. If you develop your trading skills and trade like a sniper (not a machine gunner who over trades) there are opportunities in these markets. The patient traders who always keep an eye on risk and not profit will do well in the coming years.

Bitcoin keeps moving higher. As the money rolls in most of the investors are holding their coins hoping that Bitcoin keeps going straight up to the moon. The flaw in their thinking is the same flaw as those who have stayed in the stock market through the crash of 2008–2009. When they lose 50% of their portfolio value what do they do? Do you sell at the bottom right before it reverses? Buy more at the low (average in)? Do nothing and hope and wait? Time is one aspect of trading/investing that can work against you if you don’t factor in the amount of time and what happens when things don’t go as planned. That is why you need a plan before you invest so that you can follow your plan and repeat what you do. You don’t want to be hoping the market comes back when it tanks. You want to be buying at the bottom with the pros and cheering the market on as it rises again.

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The downward growing of the world economies have increase the demand for cryptocurrencies and the best is yet to come. I remember when I first bought my first Bitcoin early 2010 where I was just playing with the small change I had. I forgot about it and I just found the email address I used in 2017 but man oh man wasn’t I over the moon.

And why not?   These crypto currencies are time and again proving themselves to be a safe haven against government’s inflationary policies.

All governments around the world are struggling to control their economies and different currencies are caught in the crossfire but what if there was a way to stay and invest safely away from all these hullabaloos? What if I tell there is a way?

During my economics studies I saw that really whether a free or not free markets but world economies are controlled by politics. Instability in one country can affect several countries.

Imagine China and USA decide to say we have talked enough now it is time to do some punching what do you think would happen to investments you have in your country?

But before we talk about the best exchanges out there, I need to tell you that it’s not too late to get invested in cryptocurrencies. At the time of this writing, the Bitcoin and altcoin market is at an all-time high, with a market cap of $200 billion.

Buterin stated with the awareness of cryptocurrencies by the general public and mainstream reaching a peak in late 2017, it is realistic for the valuation of the crypto market to increase by a thousand fold from its current value at $200 billion.

A thousand fold increase from $200 billion is $200 trillion, which is 70 percent of global wealth that includes gold , reserve currencies, and other traditional assets that are utilized as wealth management products and this projection might come true one just imagine the one time US$17000 Bitcoin price.

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Well we would like to talk more about it but I think its time to start trading. Are you ready to see our top recommended platforms to start trading today?

Let me take you there now


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